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Use this interactive map to find out the history of local government and the municipal data in Nova Scotia.


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Urban Development in Rural Areas

Urban Development In Rural Area (UDIRA) is a concentration of unserviced residential development located:

  • outside present and former towns and cities,
  • outside the serviced and concentrated settlements (former class 4 communities), or
  • along the sides of a single road or highway or along several intersecting or parallel roads in the same area.

Why is this important?

Population growth and increased density of people and dwellings in unserviced areas can have a number of effects that fall within the jurisdiction of the municipal or provincial government, including:

  • land use conflicts between residential development and resource industries, often leading to the loss of the resource land or industry (mining, aquaculture, agriculture, sawmills)
  • service inefficiencies and increased costs in school bussing, solid waste collection and emergency services
  • high future servicing costs if problems arise with septic tanks and groundwater quality and quantity
  • schoolroom shortages as schools designed for a rural demand base now are facing an influx of students
  • overloaded roads from commuting traffic, frequent driveway accesses and school bus stops
  • governance issues due to the rural municipality collecting the property taxes while the adjacent town provides services and employment
  • rural landscape loss if urban sprawl reduces the attraction of the natural landscape for residents and tourists

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