Standard Household Rate

Starting on January 1, 2020, the Standard Household Rate takes effect, increasing basic assistance rates for Employment Support and Income Assistance (ESIA) clients and Disability Support Program (DSP) participants.  

What is the Standard Household Rate?

The Standard Household Rate will combine the shelter allowance and personal allowance into a single rate, based on household composition and accommodation type, regardless of a client’s shelter expenses.

This new rate will give more money for certain needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, fuel, utilities, and personal items.

You will receive the Standard Household Rate if you…

  • Currently receive Employment Support and Income Assistance
  • Are a participant in the Disability Support Program and currently receive a personal allowance and shelter allowance

How much will your rate go up?

All recipients and eligible participants will receive the maximum financial support amount available and an increase to their rate of either:

5% for:

  • Single DSP participants who rent a place or own a home
  • Single ESIA recipients who rent a place or own a home and qualify for the enhanced rate

Or 2% for:

  • All other ESIA recipients and eligible DSP participants

Your Standard Household Rate will depend on:

  • Whether you board with someone, rent a place, or own your home, and
  • Whether you live alone, with a spouse or common-law partner, and/or with a dependent child or student family member

If you are in temporary living arrangements such as in a homeless shelter, transition house, hospital, or rehabilitation program, you will receive the Standard Household Rate – Essentials (see chart)

When will you see the increased rate?

On your January payment, which you’ll receive on December 27, 2019.

ESIA clients

Household Composition Standard Household Rate (Monthly)
Recipient Dependent Child/Student Family Member Rent/Own Board Essentials
1 0 $850 (Enhanced)
1 0 $586 $508 $280
1 1 $862 $527 $280
1 2 or more $913 $568 $280
2 0 $1,142 $808 $560
2 1 or more $1,193 $849 $560

DSP Participants

Household Composition Standard Household Rate (Monthly)
Participant Spouse** Dependent Child Rent/Own Board Essentials
1 - - $850 $508 $165
1 - 1 $862 $527 $165
1 - 2 or more $913 $568 $165
1 1 - $1,142 $808 $445
1 1 1 or more $1,193 $849 $445

Poverty Reduction Credit

Community Services has also increased the eligibility threshold for the Poverty Reduction Credit, which provides tax-free payments four times a year. Hundreds more clients are expected to benefit.

Annual income determines whether a client is eligible to receive the poverty Reduction Credit. The eligibility threshold has increased from $12,000 to $16,000, to ensure anyone who receives the credit now will continue to get it when assistance rates increase with the Standard Household Rate. Clients will start receiving the credit in July 2021 after they file their 2020 income tax return.

For more information:

Contact your caseworker or care coordinator at the Department of Community Services

Call 1-877-424-1177