Harvest Connection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a fiscal year?

A fiscal year is the period from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Is everyone in my family able to earn $3,000 without it being counted in my family income assistance budget?

No, the $3,000 is applied to the family income assistance budget. The most money all members of one family can earn without it affecting their budget is $3,000 per fiscal year.

What if I am working with Employment Support Services on my Employment Action Plan?

Most people will be able to change their Employment Action Plans so they can participate in Harvest Connection. However, if the department has already paid for you to attend a program or workshop, you must complete the program before participating.

If your program allows for a temporary leave, you may be eligible for Harvest Connection. Please speak with your Caseworker.

Will working in Harvest Connection become part of my Employment Action Plan?

No. Working in Harvest Connection is not part of your Employment Action Plan but your Caseworker will need to approve your participation in this program. You must tell your Caseworker as soon as you have finished working in the harvest.

What if I stop working in the harvest before the harvest season is over?

If you stop working before the harvest season is over, it will not affect your income assistance payments. You must tell your Caseworker when you have stopped working in the harvest.

Can I get employment related special needs to help me work in the harvest?

You will remain eligible for special needs benefits to support you in your employment action plan. You will be responsible for costs like transportation, child care or other expenses related to your participation in the harvest.

Can I work in the harvest in another province and receive the benefit?

No. You must work for an employer in Nova Scotia.

How do I report the income I earn from working in the Harvest?

You must submit proof of wages or a copy of your pay stub to your Income Assistance Caseworker with your monthly income statement.