Career Seek Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Will participants receive income assistance benefits as they attend a postsecondary program of more than two years?

Yes. Career Seek participants will be provided with ongoing Income Assistance for shelter and personal allowances. Participants must demonstrate the capability to pay for all costs related to tuition, textbooks, student fees, child care, and transportation. This may mean that participants apply for a Student Loan, scholarships, grants, bursaries or other means of assistance to meet these costs.

What is expected of participants in Career Seek?

Participants must

  • Complete a Nova Scotia Employability Assessment
  • Develop a case plan with the Department that outlines the type of program to be taken; number of courses to be carried; how long it will take to complete the program; and what the participant's plans are for work after graduation
  • Provide transcripts to the caseworker at the end of the first semester and at the end of the year and meet with the caseworker before beginning the next semester of study
  • Be available to participate in work experience programs or other forms of employment that would support the program of study and career goal during the non-study periods
  • Consult with and receive written agreement from the caseworker prior to changing the agreed upon program of study
  • Complete the program of study within a maximum period of time as agreed upon in the Action Plan

Will participants continue to receive income assistance over the summer months?

During the summer months, assistance is available based on their need however participants are encouraged to find employment or gain experience related to their education program.

Participants who work get to keep 30 per cent of their earned wages. Participants are also eligible for assistance with special needs items like pharmacare, childcare and transportation while working.

Is someone who has left Income Assistance to pursue a post-secondary education program of more than two years eligible for Career Seek?

No. Individuals must be a current recipient of Income Assistance to qualify for Career Seek.