How Community Services workers help you

Resources for Low-income Students When you become a client of Community Services a person will be assigned to you to be your personal connection to the department. This person could be called a caseworker, a case manager, a care coordinator or something else.

What they have in common is that their role is to help connect you with the programs, services and supports that best suit your needs, provide referral services to other kinds of assistance in your community, and act as an advocate on your behalf.

This person will maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality – they are there to help you find solutions to your specific situation, not to judge you.

If you have questions about our programs and services, or if your situation changes, please contact the person assigned to you to see how they can help you.

If you require assistance from the Department of Community Services, and you don't yet have (or don't know if you have) someone assigned to you, please contact your local office.