Coastal Management in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has committed to taking an integrated, "whole of government" approach to addressing the coastal issues that matter most to Nova Scotians. To help us do this, we adopted a Coastal Management Framework to guide our work, and established an inter-departmental Provincial Ocean Network to lead and coordinate these efforts.

Coastal Management Framework (PDF)

The Coastal Management Framework was created in 2008 and defines in simple terms how the Government of Nova Scotia will work to address its priority coastal issues. It builds upon existing provincial and departmental commitments, mandates and capacities, while recognizing the fundamental importance of collaboration with other levels of government, stakeholders and interest groups.

Provincial Ocean Network

Formed in 2002, the Provincial Ocean Network (PON) is composed of representatives from provincial departments and agencies with responsibilities and interests in coastal and ocean management. The PON’s primary role is to coordinate coastal and ocean management within the provincial government and provide a single window for interacting with other levels of government and the public.

Canada-Nova Scotia MOU on Coastal and Oceans Management

In 2010, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada signed a “Memorandum of Understanding Respecting Coastal and Ocean Management in Nova Scotia.”  The MOU outlines four areas for future collaboration, including: Implementation of Nova Scotia’s Coastal Strategy; Integrated coastal and oceans management and planning; Managing and sharing information relevant to coastal and oceans management; and, Development of a coastal research network to advance research in Nova Scotia.

MOU Respecting Coastal and Oceans Management in Nova Scotia [PDF]

Protocole d'entente signé entre le Canada et la Nouvelle-Écosse pour la gestion des côtes et des océans [PDF]