Canada-Nova Scotia MOU on Coastal and Oceans Management

On March 23, 2011 the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada signed a “Memorandum of Understanding Respecting Coastal and Ocean Management in Nova Scotia.”  The MOU was a commitment under the 2008 Coastal Management Framework and signifies a major step forward for coastal management in Nova Scotia.  It builds on existing relationships and commitments, and outlines four areas for future collaboration, including:

  1. Implementation of Nova Scotia’s Coastal Strategy
  2. Integrated coastal and oceans management and planning
  3. Managing and sharing information relevant to coastal and oceans management
  4. Development of a coastal research network to advance research in Nova Scotia

MOU Respecting Coastal and Oceans Management in Nova Scotia (PDF)

Protocole d'entente signé entre le Canada et la Nouvelle-Écosse pour la gestion des côtes et des océans

(En Francais) (PDF)