Coastal Management in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s coastal areas are integral to our social, economic, and environmental well-being and prosperity. The Government of Nova Scotia approaches the challenge and complexity of coastal management through collaboration and partnerships involving all levels of government and our coastal communities. We will continue to develop and improve these coastal planning partnerships that are the foundation for effective management of Nova Scotia’s coastline.

At the Provincial level, this work continues and builds on the foundational Coastal Management Framework (2008), and the State of Nova Scotia’s Coast Report (2009)

The Nova Scotia Coastal Secretariat communicates and coordinates with many other departments and agencies through our Provincial Ocean Network (PON). These departments all have interests and responsibilities related to coastal and ocean management. The PON’s primary role is to coordinate coastal and ocean management within the provincial government and provide a single window for interacting with other levels of government and the public.

The State of Nova Scotia's Coast Report

The State of Nova Scotia's Coast Report gives an overview of the condition of our coastal areas and resources.

Coastal Management in Nova Scotia

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