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Nova Scotian Crystal is celebrating the official opening of
Canada's first and only manufacturer of fine crystal products.
The company is located in the former Fisherman's Wharf building,
an historic site located on the Halifax waterfront in the heart
of the downtown business and tourist district.

The manufacturing process will employ a centuries-old,
mouth-blown, hand-cut method of producing crystal. Skilled
artisans from the world famous Waterford Crystal company in
Ireland will be bringing their wealth of knowledge and skill in
the crystal industry to Nova Scotia. The artisans have agreed to
pass along their traditional methods of manufacturing through an
apprenticeship program.

The provincial and federal governments are participating in the
project. Nova Scotia Premier John Savage announced provincial
government funding with a $300,000 loan from the Nova Scotia
Business Development Corporation. Mary Clancy, Member of
Parliament for Halifax, on behalf of ACOA Minister Lawrence
MacAulay announced today that ACOA's Business Development Program
has offered a $99,525 loan in support of the company's marketing
activities. The project will provide jobs and newly acquired
skills for Nova Scotians.

Premier Savage said, "We are proud to show our support for this
kind of private sector initiative; particularly since it will
further stimulate the development of our downtown core in
Halifax. The whole business community will share in the benefits,
as the reputation of this crystal grows."

"Nova Scotian Crystal is a great example of the entrepreneurial
spirit that is alive and well in this province," said Ms. Clancy.
"Denis Ryan, a well-known Nova Scotian and company chairperson,
is largely responsible for the opening of this new company and
the creation of a new industry in Nova Scotia. This is a
particularly significant event because it is another link between
Nova Scotia and Ireland, and I thank Mr. Ryan for this."

The company will produce crystal giftware of high quality, which
will be uniquely designed and individually crafted. Glassware,
vases, candlesticks and clocks are just a few of the beautiful
crystal pieces that visitors and tourists will see at the
company's downtown showroom.

"I am very excited about what this company will mean to Halifax
and Nova Scotia," said company chairperson Denis Ryan. "Our
products will enhance Nova Scotia's reputation for high quality,
hand-crafted giftware. Tourists and visitors will be able to
watch the fine art of crystal making in our factory."


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