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Justice Minister Bill Gillis today announced the appointment of 
Judge Joseph Phillip Kennedy as Chief Judge of the Provincial
Court of Nova Scotia. Chief Judge Kennedy has served as Associate
Chief Judge since 1993, and his appointment as Chief Judge
becomes effective immediately.

Chief Judge Kennedy was called to the bar in 1969 after
graduating from Dalhousie Law School. He practised privately from
1969 to 1978 when he was appointed to the Provincial Court.

The Chief Judge is appointed on the recommendation of a
recruitment committee, which considers applications from current
Provincial Court judges. The committee consists of the Chief
Justice of Nova Scotia (who chairs the committee), the Chief
Judge of the Family Court, the outgoing Chief Judge of the
Provincial Court, the president of the Provincial Judges'
Association, and a lay person (without a law degree) designated
by the Minister of Justice.

The committee submits a short list of recommended candidates with
a precis of information on each. The short list contains no fewer
than three, nor more than six candidates, and are not ranked. The
appointment is for a period of five years.

Recommendations for an Associate Chief Judge will be considered
by the recruitment committee. Those currently sitting as 
Provincial Court Judges will be invited to apply, and a
replacement is expected to be named sometime this summer.

"Chief Judge Kennedy has provided exemplary service over the
years, both in private practice and as a Judge of the Provincial
Court," said Dr. Gillis. "I know his leadership abilities and 
dedication to fairness will continue to Nova Scotians well."


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