HEALTH--MIDWIFERY IN NOVA SCOTIA BEING REVIEWED ----------------------------------------------------------------- A detailed examination of the practice of midwifery in Nova Scotia will take place at the request of Health Minister Ron Stewart. The review will help to determine the status of midwifery in this province. The Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) will conduct a thorough review of the issues associated with midwifery. Specifically, the RCP review will include reference to: - professional issues, scope of practice, educational requirements, service delivery and integration with other health care providers as they relate to midwifery; - need for midwifery in Nova Scotia; - current status of midwifery in other provinces; - advantages and disadvantages of midwifery. "I am pleased that the RCP has agreed to undertake this review on our behalf," said Dr. Stewart. "Assessing demands for midwifery and its level of usage will form a firm base of knowledge for health care planners. We must start with basic evidence." RCP is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to excellence in perinatal health care. It includes representatives from the Medical Society of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University, the Registered Nurses Association of Nova Scotia, hospitals and the Department of Health. As the recognized provincial authority on maternal and new born health, RCP has played a major role in improving the standards of perinatal care for the citizens of Nova Scotia during the 22 years since its inception. Representation from the midwifery community of Nova Scotia will be invited to help RCP with its review. RCP is expected to submit its report to the Department of Health early this fall. -30- Contact: Sue McKeage 902-424-3581 trp Apr. 11, 1996 - 4:03 p.m.