NOTE TO EDITORS--WESTRAY ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Westray trial begins Monday, Feb. 6, 1995, in courtroom #1, Pictou Justice Complex. The seating capacity of the courtroom is limited, so the following arrangements have been made in an attempt to accommodate the needs of the media, families and the general public. SEATING The two back rows on the right hand side of the courtroom have been reserved for the media. There are 12-15 seats available. Media people must be in those seats at least five minutes before the start of court proceedings in the morning and afternoon. If any media seats are empty five minutes before court starts, those seats will be made available to the general public. No standees will be permitted in the courtroom. The first two rows on both sides of the courtroom have been reserved for the families of the victims and accused. No member of the public, including the media, is permitted beyond the bar without the permission of the court. AUDIO FEED To accommodate overflow, the audio of the proceedings is being fed into courtroom #2 and the jury room. These rooms are expected to be available to the public and the media most of the time, but there will be times when they will; be in use and therefore unavailable. CAMERAS No cameras are permitted in the courtroom. No camera shot are permitted through the door of the courtroom at any time without the permission of the judge. No courtroom shots are to be taken after hours without the permission of the judge. RECORDING Audio recording of the proceedings may be made, but they may not be broadcast. They are to be used as a reference only. EXHIBITS Access to exhibits is at the discretion of the judge. INTERVIEWS Cameras and media interviews are permitted in the public areas of the courthouse, but they are not to impede the work of the sheriffs and court staff. DECORUM The media and the public are expected to observe all standard courtroom decorum and rules as set out in the media guidelines. Copies of these guidelines are available from the sheriff or prothonotary. QUESTIONS On-site questions should be directed to the sheriff, court clerk or prothonotary. -30- Contact : Peter Spurway 902-424-6811 January 30, 1995