Provincial Blood Pressure Initiatives

Provincial Program Collaboration

The Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia, Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia, and the Nova Scotia Renal Program have identified high blood pressure as a common risk factor and a key provincial program initiative. The three programs are collaborating with many partners to address hypertension in Nova Scotia.

The following activities are currently underway:

  • Creation of a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to support heightened awareness of the Blood Pressure Card Project

  • Creation of simple  tools to support physicians and other health care professionals  in evaluating the my Blood Pressure Card Project

  • Development of a Hypertension Program by Academic Detailing, Continuing Medical Education, Dalhousie University for delivery to primary care practitioners, pharmacists and others. This education will focus on blood pressure targets for the elderly and individuals with diabetes, adherence to a low salt diet and information on the antihypertensive medication Aliskirein. For more information see “Issues in Hypertension” at

  • "Come on Nova Scotia...Check It", Blood Pressure Challenge, every May. Click for details.

  • Media relations campaign

  • Hypertension Newsletter : For the past few years, Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia (CVHNS), Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS), and the Nova Scotia Renal Program (NSRP) have been working together on hypertension initiatives to help prevent and better manage hypertension through public and provider awareness efforts and to promote the importance of “knowing your blood pressure.”   The three Provincial Programs have developed a newsletter to provide you with an overview of some of the initiatives that have taken place, including our very own Come on Nova Scotia...Check it! Campaign. We also want to take the opportunity to share the good work that has resulted from the joint Provincial Program Hypertension Grants that were awarded in 2013 and showcase the three Blood Pressure Challenge Award winners for 2013. View Hypertension Newsletter