my Blood Pressure Card


The my Blood Pressure Card and its related resources, including a patient information pamphlet and poster, are designed to:

  • Encourage Nova Scotians to look after themselves by understanding the importance of blood pressure and their role in preventing high blood pressure and/or managing it.
  • Promote regular monitoring of blood pressure and encourage everyone to “know their blood pressure numbers”
  • Provide tips on how to lower blood pressure through decreased salt (sodium), healthy eating, keeping a healthy weight, physically activity, avoiding smoking, alcohol moderation, managing stress and taking your medications.

Blood Pressure Card

The my Blood Pressure Project launched in the spring of 2011 includes a wallet card, poster and pamphlet, which will be distributed  throughout the province to  doctors offices; diabetes, cardiac and renal programs; pharmacies;  etc.

Healthcare providers, non government agencies and other groups involved in raising awareness about the importance of knowing your blood pressure can obtain copies of the My Blood Pressure Card, Poster and Pamphlet by completing the Order Forum and emailing to : . Please note: There are English, French, First Nations, African Canadian and Immigrant Population versions of some of the materials.


Initiative Background

This initiative is modeled after a successful project at the Valley Regional Hospital Diabetes Centre, in Kentville.  People with diabetes were able to improve their blood pressures by using a similar wallet card to share blood pressure results with and between providers. This card encouraged people to talk to their doctor and other health care team members about blood pressure, ask questions, and learn how to prevent and better manage their own high blood pressure.

This is a joint project of the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia, Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Renal Program (three Provincial Programs of Department of Health and Wellness), Annapolis Valley Health, the College of Pharmacy/Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia, Capital Health Hypertension Clinic, Doctor’s Nova Scotia, along with many other partners.