Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS

About the Commission

Who We Are

The Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS (the Commission) was created in the fall of 1989. The Commission gives policy advice on HIV/AIDS and related issues to the Government of Nova Scotia.


Our Vision

We look forward to the eradication of HIV. In the meantime, we will collaborate with others to strengthen the response to HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia at both the population and individual levels.  We will work to ensure that there will be no new HIV infections and fewer HIV-related deaths.  We will support persons living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) to determine their own treatment path and to achieve optimal health and well-being.


Our Purpose

(We are) Champions for strong, informed government and public action on HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia.


What We Do

Our job is to help create an approach to prevention, care, treatment and support services that is easy to use and is open to all people. These services and AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) help lower the spread of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and help Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) have the best health and quality of life possible. This is done by partnering with AIDS service providers (ASO) in particular and government, non-government, and community groups, as well as those most impacted by HIV/AIDS from across Nova Scotia.


Our Strategic Directions

Established by an Act of the Provincial legislature (AIDS Advisory Commission Act. R.S., c.9, s. 1.), the Commission:

  1. Advises the provincial government on HIV/AIDS and its impact on Nova Scotians.

  2. Fosters collaborative action on HIV/AIDS among provincial government agencies, academia, professionals, private sector, and community groups.

  3. Provides opportunities for dialogue between government and those most affected by HIV.

  4. Links the Strategy on HIV/AIDS with government and non-government population health initiatives.

  5. Advocates for the reduction of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination in the public, government and private sectors.