• Premises identification is one of three critical parts of a traceability system. It allows for the identification of sites where livestock and poultry are grown, kept, assembled, or disposed of to support emergency planning, response and recovery. Types of events that might require a response include reportable livestock disease or natural disasters such as fires, flooding, and storms with the potential to cause significant damage.

  • Premises identification numbers (PID) are unique and assigned to a single parcel of land. In addition to being used to identify livestock and poultry locations for emergency response planning, producers will use the numbers to report movement of animals from one location to another according to federal regulatory requirements.

  • On this site, you will be able to register as a user, request a PID, and manage or update information for a premises that already has a PID.

For more information, please e-mail NSPID@NovaScotia.ca or visit the Industry Protection website.