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Sectional Index to the Royal Gazette Part II

(We apologize, but for technical reasons updates to this publication are unavailable at this time.  Please contact our office if you require assistance with information about amendments to a particular set of regulations.)

The Sectional Index has 3 parts. Click on a part title to download the part in PDF.
(You will need a reader to view the Booklet in PDF.  You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.)

Current to N.S. Reg. 259/2013,
Royal Gazette Part II vol. 37, issue 15, published July 26, 2013
Part A   is a listing of regulations by Act, complete with the departments responsible for administering each Act.
Part B   is the main part of the Index. Here you will find a listing of all regulations with a detailed description of all the amendments made to each set of regulations by section, the date of the Royal Gazette Part II issue in which the regulations were published and the Order in Council and Nova Scotia regulation numbers ("N.S. Reg.") assigned to the regulations.
Part C   is a listing of all the proclamations published in Royal Gazette Part II and their effective dates.

For more information, contact the Registry of Regulations.

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