Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS

The Guiding Principles


All of the work that will lead to achieving the Strategy goals will be guided by the following principles:

  • PHAs, their caregivers, and people most at risk of infection have an important role in planning and implementing the services that affect them.

  • Success in reducing the number of new HIV infections and improving the health and well being of those with HIV depends on

    • developing a wide range of services that are well coordinated
    • respecting social diversity
    • addressing a variety of factors that affect health, such as income, education, employment, access to health services, and social support

  • Strengthening of community-based organizations and building partnerships between government and community organizations are necessary.
  • Health care services should be provided as close to home as possible for PHAs.

  • Care, treatment, and support services should respond to the needs of PHAs, so that they are supported in making choices about their care.

  • Cooperation, collaboration, and leadership are required by all of the organizations that have a role to play in implementing the Strategy.