Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS

Our Principles

Our Principles for Working Together

  1. We will build and nurture an environment in which it is safe to be ourselves, and to express our values and opinions.

  2. We will keep confidential information that has been identified as sensitive or private.

  3. We will seek to understand, not just to be understood.

  4. We will be respectful of each other by being fully present.

  5. We will understand that people are engaged to the extent that they are willing and able.

  6. We will engage in constructive, solution-oriented dialogue.

  7. We will be informed by a thoughtful assessment of the many types of evidence.

  8. We will seek diversity in our membership and work.

  9. In keeping with the Principle for the Greater Involvement of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA), we will ensure that those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS have a central role in the work of the Commission.

  10. We will work by consensus decision-making
    (Note: What this means needs to be explored and specified in a future board development manual).

  11. We will regularly reflect on whether we are adhering to these priniciples.

  12. We will expect individuals to absent themselves from participating in discussions and/or decisions where there is potential personal gain and/or conflict of interest; and we will respect them for doing so.


Our Principles for Working with Others

We will use the same principles for working together when we are working with others, plus the following:

  1. We will build partnerships among all relevant stakeholders and seek to be inclusive of diverse points of view.

  2. We will be informed, credible, trustworthy and approachable.

  3. We will be proactive in identifying and addressing emerging issues.

  4. We will champion collective awareness and action on HIV/AIDS.

We will regularly reflect on whether we are adhering to these principles.