Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_5457618 September 201703 October 2017Analytical Services for Methyl-Mercury in Environmental Samples
tender_5612318 September 201718 October 2017For the Provision of Expert Multidisciplinary Scientific Reviews of Brownfi
tender_5792418 September 201731 October 2017Supply and Delivery of Staff Footwear for Correctional Services
tender_5568514 September 201703 October 2017Truck Inspection Weigh Scale Replacement
tender_5752314 September 201729 September 2017Manitou Salt Structure - Patrol Yard Hwy 502
tender_5762514 September 201710 October 2017RFP#091917-SCADA-South River
tender_5770614 September 201725 October 2017Supply and Delivery of Search and Rescue High Visibility Load Bearing Vests
tender_5100413 September 201723 October 2017Managed Boardroom Video Conferencing Services
tender_5753013 September 201713 October 2017Supply & Delivery of Picnic Tables
tender_5761613 September 201729 September 2017External Generator System for the Val Rita Water Treatment Plant
tender_5761713 September 201713 October 2017Electronic Supervision Prgm: Compliance Tools Install., Serv. Invent. & Mgm
tender_5622012 September 201702 October 2017New Water Connection at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
tender_5681212 September 201729 September 2017Demo of Existing Salt Storage Structure, Design, Supply and Install
tender_5752812 September 201703 October 2017Bluewater Lagoon Sludge Removal and Disposal
tender_5119211 September 201711 October 2017Supply of Orthophotography
tender_5338911 September 201706 October 2017Foreign Currency Exchange Services in Ontario Travel Information Centres
tender_5402011 September 201725 September 2017Gravel Maintenance on Three Corner Lake Road, Timmins, Ontario
tender_5448011 September 201711 October 2017Banking Services
tender_5479711 September 201710 October 2017Diamond Valuator Services (DVS) and Other Professional Services
tender_5503411 September 201710 October 2017Appointment of a Pension Plan Administrator for the Stelco Legacy Pension P
tender_5558111 September 201727 September 2017RFB for Study of Low Carbon Heating Options for Ontario
tender_5724111 September 201727 September 2017RFI For Fixed Wing UAS
tender_5666107 September 201722 September 2017Set-Up, Hosting and Administration of the OPS Leadership Insights (OLI)
tender_5172406 September 201722 September 2017Concrete Repairs to the Blind River Dam
tender_5412405 September 201716 October 2017Assessment of Water Resources to Support a Review of Ontario’s Water Quanti