Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_4954125 May 201727 June 2017Property Acquisition Services
tender_5028925 May 201713 June 2017Fifty-three feet (53’) Equipment Trailers
tender_5043025 May 201730 June 2017AUDIO AND LIGHTING PRODUCTION SERVICES
tender_3453824 May 201728 June 2017Vendor of Record Arrangement for Economic and Market Analysis
tender_4244024 May 201709 June 2017ON-Demand IT Resources VOR DRAFT RFB
tender_4760923 May 201716 June 2017French Language Evaluation and Training Services
tender_4804423 May 201715 June 2017Steep Rock - Advanced Hydrology and Geochemistry Modeling
tender_4941323 May 201723 June 20175983- For the Provision of Uniform Rental and Laundry Services
tender_5028823 May 201715 June 2017Lindsay WPCP Lagoon Culverts
tender_5009118 May 201718 June 2017RENTAL OF CONCERT STAGE
tender_5009918 May 201712 June 2017Incinerator Refractory Systems Maintenance and Installation Services
tender_4981617 May 201708 June 2017“Study: Landfill Planning and Management in Ontario”
tender_4999617 May 201730 June 2017Supply and Delivery of Dress and Daily Wear Uniforms
tender_4991016 May 201715 June 2017RFP# 051817-Fuel Tanks Upgrade
tender_4860811 May 201701 June 2017Site Investigation and Soil Sampling for the City of Ottawa and Peterboroug
tender_4871411 May 201712 June 2017Printing of 2018 and 2019 Fishing and Hunting Regulation Summaries
tender_4963411 May 201712 June 2017Request for Information for Receivership Services
tender_4785510 May 201712 June 2017Incident Management Communications Service
tender_4954810 May 201729 May 2017Supply and Delivery of Anti-Theft Modules for Specialized Vehicles
tender_4955010 May 201730 May 2017The Review, Update and Delivery of a Working Near Water and Ice Safety Trai
tender_4940808 May 201708 June 2017Emergency Response Vessel Request for Information
tender_4941008 May 201719 June 2017Agrifood Renewable Natural Gas Transportation Sector Readiness Assessment
tender_4941208 May 201731 May 2017Supply and Delivery of Breaching Equipment and Carrier Kits
tender_4941508 May 201701 June 2017Liquid Oxygen System (LOX)
tender_4896005 May 201705 June 2017Supply of Polypropylene mesh Firewood Bags and Kindling Bags to Ontario Par