Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08M002550920 November 201705 December 2017MATHCAD S/W MTCE RENEWAL
H05002551820 November 201724 November 2017INDUSTRIAL LABORATORY EQUIPMENT
08M002550817 November 201704 December 2017VMWare S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551017 November 201704 December 2017eDOCS S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551117 November 201704 December 2017WebTrends S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551217 November 201704 December 2017IBM SPSS S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551317 November 201704 December 2017ORACLE S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08M002551417 November 201704 December 2017BlueCoat H/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551517 November 201704 December 2017PVCS S/W Mtce Renewal
08M002551617 November 201704 December 2017VEEAM S/W MTCE RENEWAL
08U002550117 November 201730 November 2017Supply of Electric Motors and Parts
08U002550217 November 201730 November 2017Supply of Belts, Bearings and Seals
12T002550517 November 201701 December 2017Post, Survey Marker
12U002550017 November 201730 November 2017SIGNAGE ADVERTISING
15Y002549917 November 201730 November 2017BODY ARMOUR
683117 November 201730 November 2017Stockpiling Aggregate
AAY002550617 November 201730 November 2017GUARDRAIL, BOLT HEX NUT
RFQ 2017-77-WMS-017 November 201704 December 2017If and As Required - Drafting Support Services for Program Delivery
X1725617 November 201701 December 2017Removal and Disposal of Pavement Marking Materials
08T002549816 November 201730 November 2017Utility Vehicle, 24HP Diesel, Cab
10Q1117201716 November 201727 November 2017Fairness Monitor Services
PSB-EDTR-NOV-1716 November 201707 December 2017Analysis of Documents Pertaining to Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MP
04U002546815 November 201728 November 2017Office Supplies
04Y002549715 November 201728 November 2017BATON, FLASHLIGHT, CLINCH BELT, HOLDER
12U002549115 November 201728 November 2017FENCE MATERIAL, GALVANIZED