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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
AAT002521425 July 201709 August 2017Global Positioning Auto. Vehicle Location
003783-b124 July 201710 August 2017Heat Exchanger Replacement
4004508-b124 July 201711 August 2017Parking Lot Electrical Panels Replacement
679724 July 201703 August 2017Supply of Structural Steel Plate Girders on PTH 1 over Assiniboine River
PSB-JUST-July24-1724 July 201705 September 2017Medical Services
04T002520821 July 201708 August 2017Trousers, Uniform Male & Female
04T002521221 July 201704 August 2017Economy Grade Work Boots
2017.07.2021 July 201703 August 2017Manitoba Framework for Economic Alignment and Growth
H05002521321 July 201703 August 2017LATH,PINE/SPRUCE,
RFQ-WMS-01321 July 201703 August 2017Lidar services for Seine-Rat River, Shannon and Tobacco Creek and Jackhead
SD2017CONS21 July 201728 August 2017Relocation Study of the Northeast Region Fire Base
X3143121 July 201704 August 2017Floating Navigational Boom and Anchorages
003470-B120 July 201715 August 2017Roof Replacement & New Exterior Stairwell
21T002520520 July 201708 August 2017Medical Laboratory Test Kits - Biorad
542-201720 July 201708 August 2017Engineering Services for Pine Dock Water Treatment Plant Emergency Generat
H05002520920 July 201731 July 2017ASPHALT,HF-500M-HR,HIGH FLOAT EMULSION
LGA2017.420 July 201710 August 2017RFP: LGA Strategic Plan Development
003645-b119 July 201709 August 2017New Drug Loo Installation
003689-b119 July 201710 August 2017New Drug Loo Installation
4004521-b119 July 201709 August 2017Condensate Receiver Pump Replacement
RFQ - WMS - 01219 July 201701 August 2017Lidar Services for Arrow and Oak River Watershed
2017-26-WMS-018 July 201704 August 2017Design & Construction Support Services - Spillway Repairs - Irwin Dam (Neep
2017-32-WMS-018 July 201704 August 2017Engineering Design & Construction Support Services Stoplog Lifting Device
679518 July 201708 August 2017Bituminous Levelling PR 259 PTH 1 to 6.5km East of PTH 1
RFQ #:1298-JA-1718 July 201724 August 2017RFQ for Building Cleaning Services within 510 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg