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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
048-201725 July 201717 August 2017CAT 6 Network Cable Upgrade- Vancouver Island Area Offices
1220-040-2017-09625 July 201715 August 2017Supply and Delivery of Traffic Control Cabinets
1220-2017-205525 July 201711 August 2017JAMES Plant UV Disinfection Equipment
125-07/1725 July 201715 August 2017Consulting Services Property Tax System Replacement Project
17-05-0425 July 201715 August 2017Supply,Delivery and Installation of Office Furniture
17-15625 July 201715 August 2017Service of Radiator
17-18725 July 201709 August 2017Supply of Glulam beams &/or CLT decking and installation of both
17.3625 July 201722 August 201717.36 ITQ Carpet Replacement - Supply and Install
196725 July 201708 August 2017Transportation Planning Engineer Secondment
201125 July 201715 September 2017Supply/Install Artwork on the colliery Dam Park Spillway
201325 July 201711 August 2017NAC - Continuous Optimization Program Equipment Update
2017-T-1125 July 201710 August 20172017-T-11 Road Gravel
2017-TENDER-1425 July 201709 August 20172017-Tender-14 Carmi Reservoir Expansion
2018RFP-1225 July 201710 August 2017Collaborative Project Manager Specialist
27632025 July 201718 August 2017RFP Professional Consulting - GHG Community Action Strategy
44661725 July 201703 August 2017lticultural Family Preservation Program- South Fraser
6082P25 July 201718 August 2017Design?Build Services for Rideau Neighborhood Park
8720872025 July 201722 August 2017Siting of Beneficial Resuse Facilities for Residual Organics
872725 July 201708 August 2017Student Support Program
872825 July 201708 August 2017Student Support Program
A94382 - TBA25 July 201722 August 2017A94382, TBA Binta Br 57 260 km, Burns Lake
CPD01-201725 July 201721 August 2017Land Constraint and Suitability Study
EN18TCA04525 July 201716 August 2017Naka Creek Log Sort Upgrade
ES-033-1725 July 201711 August 2017ES-033-17 Design Services for Arbutus Ridge
GS18MAN002925 July 201731 July 2017Notice of Intent to Direct Award GS18MAN0029