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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
17-09-222019 September 201727 September 201717-09-2220 AV/IT Consulting Services
17-20319 September 201710 October 2017Request for Qualification: Hazardous Material Response & Cleanup
17-23919 September 201705 October 2017Manual Stack Testing Service - Waste-to-Energy Facility
18033-02219 September 201706 October 2017Engineering Consultant Services: Parking Lot Rehabilitation
20170259319 September 201703 October 2017Paving Services (Granville Island) (201702593)
203819 September 201703 October 2017Parking Lot Snow Clearing and Ice Control Services
2320-20-214219 September 201713 October 2017Pocket Park Landscaping
AG-JSBFJSD-CPMP18-0119 September 201720 October 2017Program Leader: Child Protection Mediation Program Practicum
BCGV76033319 September 201705 October 2017Emergency Generator Replacement
BCGV94388219 September 201719 October 2017Castlegar Community Living Renovation
EN18DPG32119 September 201710 October 2017Bridge Maintenance on the Bobtail FSR at Structure G1-030
FT 17-22219 September 201705 October 2017Parking Lot Construction at Yorkson Community Park
NOI 954219 September 201729 September 2017Fibre Optic Distributed Temperature Monitoring system (DTS)
NOI#PS2017169819 September 201703 October 2017BRINE PLANT EXPANSION AT NATIONAL YARD
ON-00307019 September 201729 September 2017NOI - Warehousing of Emergency Prepare Product(Vancouver, BC)
PL19TFH00119 September 201731 October 20172018 Spring Tree Planting in East Kootenays
PL19TKN00219 September 201717 October 2017Tree Planting - TOC South Zone
PT18WHQ005019 September 201729 September 2017Burn Severity Mapping
RFP 17-12619 September 201712 October 2017Waterworks Design Drawings
RFP 2017-2919 September 201704 October 2017Port Coquitlam Sport Hall of Fame Digital Display Centre
RFP# 2017-01419 September 201704 October 2017RFP# 2017-014 Executive Search Services
RFQ 949819 September 201702 October 2017Barnard Substation project_Installation, Cabling and Wiring
T17-07619 September 201703 October 2017Snow & Ice Removal-Queensway Transit & Parkinson Ped.Overpass
WR17-03719 September 201721 September 2017WR17-037 City of White Rock 2017 paving Program