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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
018500A19 September 201728 September 2017RFP for COST CONSULTING SERVICES for CALGARY - CBE BUNDLE OF 3 K-4 SCHOOLS
17-138-CTS-VideoProc-0119 September 201703 October 2017Video Processors
17.003419 September 201719 October 2017NRFP #17.0034 Consulting and Design Services - Strathcona Athletic Park Bui
2017RFP004919 September 201706 October 2017Medical and Non-Medical Compressed Gases
AFRRCS-288-2018-0419 September 201702 October 2017Purchase of components for an In-Vehicle Repeater
COL-17-15419 September 201712 October 2017School Buses
CPE-18-0119 September 201703 October 2017Multilingual Media Monitoring Service
FP17-9619 September 201710 October 2017Lufkin Building Renovation (Utility Distribution Consolidation)
LF 2017-001-B19 September 201720 October 2017Sprinkler Instalation and Upgrade
MW091819 September 201703 October 2017Plot Tractor w/Mechanical Front Wheel Assist (MFWD) WITH A MINMUM 34 PTO HP
RFQ No. Q170912PW19 September 201710 October 2017Entwistle Residential Solid Waste Collection
TPF-2017-027-A19 September 201702 October 2017Parkdale Kiwanis Manor
17RFP8200000518 September 201716 October 2017Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) Inbound and Outbound Contact Cen
2017-089018 September 201710 October 2017Camrose Retail and Commercial Market Gap Analysis
2017-090018 September 201710 October 2017Camrose Downtown Transportation and Parking Plan
201705218 September 201711 October 2017Flooring Replacement or Repair
41645318 September 201706 October 2017Outfall #4 Sediment Control
93238318 September 201712 October 2017For the supply of Production Switch Tamper
A01-2017-00318 September 201727 September 2017Appliances - Canora Gardens
AHS-2017-245118 September 201712 October 2017Hemodialysis Equipment, Proprietary Consumables and Related Support Service
BR.150018 September 201702 October 2017BR.1500 BRIDGE CULVERT INSTALATION
BR.MAIN-201718 September 201702 October 2017Bridge Maintenance 2017/2020
CON001924318 September 201705 October 2017CON0019243, Ferry Upgrades and Other Work
CON001950418 September 201723 October 2017CON0019504, BIM Level 1.5 UAV Bridge Inspection
MPS-017-118 September 201703 October 2017Twin Atria ? Print and Mail Services