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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
01836125 July 201715 August 2017Richmond Road Chronic Pain Centre Development
050PA-000000010625 July 201708 August 2017Computer to Plate Processing System -AB
07/1725 July 201715 August 2017City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan
095PD-000000000125 July 201704 August 2017Hospital Beds -AB
169PA-000000008625 July 201704 August 2017JIRA Service Desk Enterprise Licenses -AB
17-036725 July 201715 August 2017Supply and Delivery of Wooden Temorary Traffic Sign Stands
17/07/2525 July 201707 August 2017Request For Quote - Design, Supply, and Installation of Playgroung Equipmen
18TDRAFD81525 July 201708 August 20172017 Forest Fire Polygon Data Capture
18TDRPKC84625 July 201722 August 2017William Watson Lodge Maintenance Storage Building Replacement
5925 July 201711 August 2017Request for Tender-Site Servicing in The Hat by Cidex
93184825 July 201708 August 2017MacEwan West Parking Services - City of Edmonton
93249725 July 201708 August 2017Agrill Playground Redevelopment
Botha 49 Ave Water-Line Looping/201725 July 201724 August 2017Botha 49 Ave Water-line Looping 2017
BR-17-ESE-004-RFP25 July 201711 August 2017Performance and Air Quality Impacts of Converted Coal to Natural Gas Units
ENG-2017-072525 July 201710 August 2017Request for Qualifications for the 65th Avenue Interchange Detailed Design
F18-007925 July 201715 August 2017NAIT Campus Wide Roof Inspection Services - Request for Proposal
FS17-6725 July 201710 August 2017Supply 13 New 1 Ton Trucks - Unit #111/129/413/414/416/497/498/515/532/535
ITT17-006725 July 201715 August 2017Facility Condition Assessments and Software
Q-17-2425 July 201708 August 2017Kathryn School Evaporation Pond
QU450725 July 201703 August 2017QU4507 - Janvier Site 18 Remediation (Consulting and Construction Services)
TND001811325 July 201709 August 2017TND0018113, Street Light Installation and Other Work
004-201724 July 201714 September 2017RFP for Indoor Artificial Turf
01851824 July 201708 August 2017HIGH PRAIRIE - COURTHOUSE Boiler Replacement
022PA-000000031324 July 201703 August 2017Kitchen Smallwares -AB
071PC-000000007524 July 201703 August 2017Fire Hose -AB