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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
01885617 November 201701 December 2017RFP for Proj. Feasibility Assessment & Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Conslt. Ser
02-11-17-201717 November 201730 November 2017Bus Purchase Program
17-171917 November 201714 December 2017McCall Lake Golf Course Renovation
18TDROIN87817 November 201701 December 2017Raven Creek Brood Trout Station Conceptual Hatchery Design and Preliminary
18TDROPR81317 November 201704 December 2017Aerial Caribou Population Composition Surveys 2018
2017-12-ITCONTRACT-00117 November 201701 December 2017IT Management Services
2017111717 November 201715 December 2017Third Party Review Environmental Impact Statement
2017PRQ00717 November 201707 December 2017Insurance Adjuster Services
288PA-000000069917 November 201727 November 2017Height Adjustable Table -AB
93285517 November 201713 December 2017Smart Cities Challenge Proposal Development
KC-RFP-017-201717 November 201701 December 2017Consulting Services - Regional Innovation Network
LRP-2017-L001-B17 November 201707 December 2017Roofing Contractor - Rosslyn Place
P7283 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultant17 November 201707 December 2017P7283 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultant
QU402617 November 201705 December 2017QU4026 King Street Bridge Rehabilitation
QU457717 November 201724 November 2017QU4577 Pictometry Services
RFP 051817 November 201715 December 2017SharePoint Support
RFP 2014-015417 November 201701 December 2017Optical Tweezer System
RFP 2017-013917 November 201701 December 2017Microscope and Accessories
RFP-2017-Solid Waste Collection17 November 201701 December 2017RFP-2017-Solid Waste Collection
RFP-54-216-17 Digital Orthophoto and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) Da17 November 201718 January 2018RFP-54-216-17 Digital Orthophoto and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) Da
RFP-57-433-1717 November 201707 December 2017RFP-57-433-17 Engineering Services/Construction Supervision-Isolation Vesti
RFPQ 01/1817 November 201719 January 20182018 Hourly Work List Red Deer County
RFPQ 02/1817 November 201715 January 2018Statement of Qualification Submission for Contracting Works 2018
T-76-439-1717 November 201707 December 2017T-76-439-17 Supply of Two (2) New Follow Spot Lights for Revolution Place