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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
UofSrfqf17-378825 March 201719 April 2017STONE BARN SHORING and PILASTER REPAIRS
TX612525 March 201730 March 2017To Supply and Support Flow Computers for Natural Gas Measurement
ST-Doc94809292525 March 201713 April 2017Outbound Sales Calling
RM471-2017-ACL170125 March 201719 April 2017Construction of A Subgrade & Surfacing Structure
RM159-17-0525 March 201718 April 2017Sherwood Industrial Park - Water Main Extension - Phase 1
RM10-201725 March 201711 April 2017Gravel Crushing Tender
OPEX2017-0625 March 201706 April 20172017 Supply & Delivery of 6-inch Trash Pump with Trailer
ITD-RC-17_00925 March 201703 April 2017Resource Callout for Senior Programmer Analyst
GP51725 March 201713 April 2017Traffic Control Services - Sign Rental - City of Regina
COS17-022225 March 201711 April 201721st Street Sidewalk and Pavers - 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue
COS17-005525 March 201711 April 20172017-2019 MANHOLE REHABILITATION
COS17-002325 March 201706 April 20172017 Expressway Resurfacing
COR343225 March 201706 April 2017Rental of Utility Turf Vehicle with Buy-out Option
COR335125 March 201711 April 2017Traffic Signal Cantilever Poles with Arms
41-1725 March 201707 April 2017Irrigation Upgrade - Cooke Municipal Golf Course
2017-CurlingRink25 March 201713 April 2017New Curling Rink and Arena Entrance Addition
RFP0413201724 March 201713 April 2017Water Works 3/4 ton 4x4 truck
MEL-2017-0224 March 201704 April 20172017 Hot Asphalt,Oil Jacketed,Trailer Mounted Patcher
Doc97552585324 March 201713 April 2017Portable Network Equipment Building
Doc90949101924 March 201713 April 2017Corporate Office Moving Services
CS12724 March 201718 April 2017One Agricultural Tractor with Attachments
COS17-024724 March 201706 April 2017THREE PHASE RELAY TEST SET
COR345724 March 201706 April 2017Fertilizer
COR338824 March 201706 April 20175th Avenue North Storm System Upgrade