Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
WSA2015C001623 July 201616 August 2016Alameda LLO PLC Installation
UofSRFQ16-437223 July 201604 August 2016Centennial Apparel (Sweater and Silk Scarf)
UofSRFQ16-437023 July 201629 July 2016Asphalt Paving Walkway Repair Services
ST16-117001323 July 201605 August 2016SmartBear Ready! API SoapUI NG Fixed User Subscription License
ST16-117001223 July 201602 August 2016F5 Network Hardware and Maintenance
ST-Doc80840209423 July 201605 August 2016Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning
RM34-60523 July 201604 August 2016605 Upgrade
ITD-RC-16_01323 July 201602 August 2016Resource Callout for Senior Business Analyst
CSC-16-R-01123 July 201609 August 2016Swift Current I-Plex Phase Two Renovations
consult2016-0923 July 201605 August 2016Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan
CAPEX2016-2423 July 201611 August 2016Northeast Reservoir Pump House Pump 1 Drive Replacement
95-1623 July 201611 August 2016Purchase of Trees - Fall 2016
07222016-123 July 201604 August 2016Sidewalk 8th Ave East
STC16-07RFP22 July 201605 August 2016Four (4) 22 Passenger Motor Coaches
SM02622 July 201611 August 2016Step Up Transformer Supply
PW-WPG-011-992722 July 201604 August 2016Medevac Services (H3551-151634)
Hwy-H1607422 July 201603 August 2016Roadwork-Stockpiling: Blaine Lake, Rosthern, Hepburn & Osler Areas
HWY-H1602922 July 201610 August 2016Removal, Disposal and Installation of Culverts
FSEWLR22 July 201612 August 2016Water Line Replacement
COS16-064522 July 201604 August 201633,000 LB GVWR AERIAL BUCKET TRUCK
COS16-063022 July 201612 August 2016DOORS OPEN SASKATOON EVENT COORDINATOR 2017 & 2019
COR298122 July 201616 August 2016Wascana Parkway over Ring Road Overpass Replacement Project
COR297222 July 201604 August 2016Fire Hall # 6 - HVAC Upgrades
COR297022 July 201611 August 2016Residential Road Renewal Program, Package #2
ACAN-Geospatial1622 July 201628 July 2016Geospatial Monitoring