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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
AAT002524414 August 201728 August 2017Audio / Visual Monitoring Systems
AAT002524814 August 201728 August 2017Guardrail Supplies
AAU002524514 August 201725 August 2017BLOCKS, POSTS, GUARDAILS
WPI2016015712 August 201729 August 2017RM of Orkney No. 244 - Mehan Bridge Replacement with Culvert Crossing
TE2017-0412 August 201708 September 2017Engineering Services: Paving Project and Ongoing Services
SSO-CS-001112 August 201701 September 2017ACAN for the Provision of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Consumables
SPSD-T1617-004912 August 201721 August 2017Tarmac Repairs, Various Schools
JK12412 August 201731 August 2017Engineering and Project Management Services for Stations, P&C, and/or Lines
JK11112 August 201731 August 2017RE7 72kV Line Rebuild
HWY-RFP-17005712 August 201725 August 2017Heritage Impact Resource Assessment
COS17-013212 August 201723 August 2017AVALON DOG PARK - PHASE 2
COR371912 August 201725 August 2017Asphaltic Cement
COR371612 August 201723 August 2017Hauling of Sub-Base
COR350812 August 201729 August 2017Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal
7704-007-0012 August 201724 August 2017South Saskatchewan Irrigation District: 4A - G1 Pipeline
7704-006-0012 August 201724 August 2017South Saskatchewan Irrigation District: 4B - F2 Pipeline
411-2017-0112 August 201718 August 2017New Sander/Plow/Gravel Truck
2017_WTRML12 August 201725 August 2017Water delivery services at the Airport Terminal Building, Meadow Lake, Sask
2017_WTRLA12 August 201725 August 2017Water delivery services at the SERM Hangar & Osprey Wings Hangar, La Ronge,
2017_PLASTICRECYCL12 August 201725 August 2017Plastic recycling pick-up services for various buildings in Prince Albert,
17-203753-RFQ12 August 201724 August 2017Industrial Cross-Cut paper shredder
TOB039-11211 August 201731 August 2017West Park Subdivision - Water Pumphouse & Reservoir
ST17-102001511 August 201725 August 2017AGO Brand Coveralls & Overalls
SM06911 August 201720 September 2017IFHS Fire Protection
RQRHA2017081011 August 201731 August 2017RQRHA20170810 Tender - Wascana Rehabilitation Centre 25kV Main Breaker Repl