Request for Expression of Interest

Supplement to the Atlantic Standard Terms and Conditions 

Revised 2005 November

NOTE: These instructions apply only to those tenders that reference them specifically.


  1. The Request for Expression of Interest is issued by Procurement Services on behalf of the user Department or Agency named on the title page of the REI documents that accompany the Nova Scotia Request for Expression of Interest (NS REI) form.

  2. The purpose of the Request for Expression of Interest is to inform potential proponents of a business opportunity and to solicit proposals.


  1. Proponents' Meeting

    1. If required, a proponents' meeting may be held at the time and in the location specified on the front page of this Request for Expression of Interest.

    2. A transcript of the meeting will be distributed to all attendees.

    3. Oral questions will be allowed at the proponents' meeting; however, questions of a complex nature, or questions where the proponent requires anonymity, should be forwarded in writing, prior to the meeting, to the person designated in the REI as the one to whom enquiries should be addressed.

  2. Short List

    1. The evaluation procedure will normally produce a short list based on the stated criteria.

    2. The short listed proponents may be asked to prepare a presentation, prior to the final selection.

    3. Should presentations be planned as part of proposal evaluation, the evaluation process for the presentations will be explained in the section headed "Evaluation Criteria".

  3. Evaluation Jury

    1. Evaluation of proposals will be by a committee formed by the Department and may include a representative from Procurement or other government department.

  4. Evaluation and Selection

    1. The evaluation team will check proposals against the mandatory criteria; proposals meeting all the mandatory criteria will then be assessed and scored against the desirable criteria.  References of the proponent or proponents scoring the highest will be checked.

    2. Providing the result of reference check is satisfactory, the Department's intent is to invite the selected Proponent(s) to participate in a further Request for Proposals process.

  5. Debriefing

    1. Unsuccessful proponents may request a debriefing meeting following selection of the "short list" for the subsequent Request for Proposals invitation.


  1. Evaluation of proposals is made easier when proponents respond in a similar manner.

  2. All pages should be consecutively numbered.

  3. The following format and sequence should be followed in order to provide consistency in proponent response and to ensure each proposal receives full consideration.

    1. The Nova Scotia Request for Expression of Interest (NS REI) form, as issued by the Public Tenders Office, with all bidder information filled in (it is not necessary to insert item, unit, or total prices or quantities) - please return all pages of the NS REI form.

    2. Title Page, showing Tender number (from the upper-right corner of the NS REI form), proponent's name and address, the name of a contact person, and that person's telephone number.

    3. One page letter of introduction identifying the proponent and signed by the person or persons authorized to sign on behalf of, and bind the proponent to, statements made in the proposal.

    4. Table of Contents including page numbers.

    5. A short one or two page summary of key features of the proposal.

    6. The body of the proposal.

    7. Any additional information, brochures, etc. (may take the form of appendices)

    8. Any response forms included in the REI.


  1. The Request for Expression of Interest should not be construed as a contract to purchase goods or services.

  2. Proposals will be assessed in light of the evaluation criteria.

  3. Subsequent to the submission of proposals, interviews may be conducted with some of the proponents, but there will be no obligation to receive unsolicited information, whether written or oral, from any proponent.

  4. The Province will not be obligated in any manner to any proponent whatsoever until a written contract has been duly executed relating to an approved proposal. Such a contract will normally be executed at the completion of the formal Request for Proposals process.

  5. Neither acceptance of a proposal nor execution of a contract will constitute approval of any activity or development contemplated in any proposal that requires any approval, permit or license pursuant to any federal, provincial, regional district or municipal statute, regulation or by-law.


Exclusions: Sections 8 ( Unit Prices and Extensions; Taxes excluded; Currency; Shipping costs), 9 (Duration of Bid/Award Prices), 10 (Payment Terms and Discounts), 13 (Substitutions and Equivalents, Discontinued Items) and 17 (Warranty) of the Atlantic Standard Terms and Conditions are specifically excluded from the requirements for submission of a response to a Request for Expression of Interest.

Later Phases: If a subsequent Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued as a result of evaluations of the REI responses, the instructions, terms and conditions that normally govern the RFP will become effective, and the sections named in paragraph a) above (Exclusions) will be reinstated.