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Gas Stations in Nova Scotia

This page uses Google™ Maps Canada; to navigate use the following controls:

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Click on a gas station location on the map for more information or use the menu below to filter the stations displayed on the map.

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The information in the Gas Station database was supplied to the Province of Nova Scotia by petroleum wholesalers or retailers. The database does not include marinas, private card locks, or other facilities that do not sell fuel to the general motoring public.

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations takes steps to verify the information provided, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the database. Station locations and available services may fluctuate due to closures, openings, seasonal impacts, renovations, or other factors. Stations listed under a brand name may be independently owned or operated, and may not participate in promotional events. All information is subject to change without notice. Information in the database is reviewed annually.

Station locations on this map may not be exact. Driving directions are provided by Google™ Maps Canada and are for planning purposes only. Construction projects, traffic, or other events may require motorists to use alternate routes.