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Memorandum of Understanding

In October of 2002, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Highland Council, Scotland signed a memorandum of understanding which outlines areas of joint interest and cooperation to strengthen Gaelic language and culture on both sides of the ocean. The Department of Tourism and Culture took the lead in Nova Scotia to ensure activities are initiated under the terms of the memorandum.

The memorandum states that the signatories "recognize the unique connection that exists between the Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland and Nova Scotia on the basis of a common language; a common culture; family ties; and emigration." The purpose of the memorandum is to foster the conditions under which opportunities for cultural and economic development through tourism and cultural activities can be pursued which will "build on the past to create a stable and vibrant future."

The agreement focuses on three areas: cultural development, education, and tourism. It encourages exchanges of information, resources, and people and joint ventures within these three areas. These exchanges and ventures may involve both public and private sector interests, as well as volunteer and community-based organizations and institutions.

Based on initial meetings with representatives from the Highland Council, a small number of potential projects have been identified in the areas of education information and resource exchange, cultural exchange and communications. For example, it is hoped that students from the Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton will travel to Nova Scotia this fall to participate in the Celtic Colours Festival. As well, this web page on the Office of Gaelic Affairs' web site will serve as a portal into initiatives and related activities under the agreement.

Memorandum of Understanding Between the government of Nova Scotia and The Highland Council, Scotland
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