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The mission of the OGA is to work with Nova Scotians in the renewal of Gaelic language and culture in the Province.

The Office

December 7th, 2006 was an historic day for Gaelic language and culture in the Province of Nova Scotia. The Province announced the establishment of an Office of Gaelic Affairs (OGA).

The OGA envisions a Nova Scotia that acknowledges, values and invests in Gaelic, a customary language and culture that contributes to the diversity, vibrancy and continued growth and development of the province.

The OGA will work with Nova Scotians in the renewal of Gaelic language and culture in the province.

The OGA is responsible for the development of educational materials and information that will assist in creating greater appreciation, awareness and understanding of Nova Scotia's Gaelic language and culture.

The OGA will liaise with government, non-governmental, community and regional and international partners to help advance the linguistic, cultural and economic development of the Gaelic community in the province.

The OGA will:

  • Assist and support community initiatives and projects
  • Facilitate and create dialogue between government, community, regional and international partners regarding areas of importance to Gaelic development
  • Advocate for improved services and programs that reflect the needs of the community
  • Promote Gaelic's value and its contribution to the diversity of the province

The Office of Gaelic Affairs


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