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Cloud Lake Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedCloud Lake Wilderness Area is a 10,830 hectare natural area that protects a significant headwater portion of the LaHave River watershed within the South Mountain Rolling Plain natural landscape. This landscape is an expansive granite bedrock, upland region characterized by a variety of forested landforms, glacial deposits, large scattered lakes, steep-sided streams and wetlands. Cloud Lake Wilderness Area features many of these elements, including excellent examples of kettle, esker, and bedrock-controlled lake and stream landforms.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust, working closely with Bowater Mersey Paper Company, recently acquired a private land inholding at Wilson's Hill, which is surrounded by the Wilderness Area. This important transaction contributes to the overall protection of biodiversity provided by Cloud Lake Wilderness Area.

Cloud Lake Wilderness Area offers excellent wilderness travel and recreation opportunities associated with canoeing, fishing, hunting and camping. Large, interconnected lakes are picturesque and varied, with numerous sheltered inlets, featuring several scenic islands that are ideally suited for wilderness camping. The lakes are surrounded by a mosaic of mixed wood and deciduous hills, mature coniferous forest and undisturbed fens, traversed with several eskers that afford excellent routes for backcountry hiking and camping.