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Men in the Mines

A History of Mining Activity in Nova Scotia, 1720-1992

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Col. Horace Mayhew and sons

Col. Mayhew, an Englishman, was the President of the Cape Breton Coal, Iron and Railway Company and of the Canada Land & Development Corporation on whose land the town of Broughton was built. He was extensively involved and invested in the development of the town. Shown here are his five sons: Horace, jr., John, Geoffrey, Arthur and Cecil. His eldest son, Horace, jr., (seated next to his father) was the only one to come out to Cape Breton with his father, spending the winter of 1906 at Broughton. His untimely death on 12 August 1906, coincided with the decline in Broughton's success.

Date: ca.1905

Reference no.:   NSARM  Map Collection: V7/239 Broughton


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