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S. Edgar March: Nova Scotia Bird Watercolours

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March 200603510

This virtual exhibit celebrates the accomplishments of that artist, S. Edgar March (1870-1967) and reminds us that our provincial heritage includes documentary art created by everyday Nova Scotians – often for their personal interest and pleasure only – but fortunately preserved across the years for future generations to experience and enjoy.


March 200603514
March 200603558

Ninety years ago, long before the term 'Atlantic Flyway' was coined or Nova Scotia became known as a 'birding destination,' an amateur artist and bird watcher in Bridgewater began a series of watercolour paintings depicting birds that were native to the province. Some forty years later, he donated the results of his 'favourite hobby' – nearly sixty pictures – to the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, in hopes that his amateur but faithful renditions might introduce others to the province's rich flora and fauna.