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You asked for them and here they are! Many of you have told us that you would like more digitized historical maps of Nova Scotia available on this website, to support your research projects and personal interests. We've been listening!

This area of the website now offers the primary access point for exploring a variety of historical maps, charts and plans digitized from collections held at the Nova Scotia Archives.


check 1900s or search:
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It's an online resource that will grow over time, but for now you can choose from the following products….

~ All the single map items featured elsewhere within this website have been duplicated and brought together here in one exhibit, arranged chronologically by the date of creation for each
~ Google™ map of Nova Scotia
~ Outline map of Nova Scotia, identifying and explaining the 18 counties and their boundaries
~ Woolford's Surveys: The Roads from Halifax to Windsor and Truro, 1817-18
~ City Atlas of Halifax, Nova Scotia. From Actual Surveys and Records by and under the supervision of H.W. Hopkins, civil engineer. Provincial Survey and Pub. Co. G. B. Vandervoort Manager. 1878

And, because we think you'll also be interested….

~ a link to The Atlantic Neptune, the famous four-volume atlas of sea charts and views of the eastern coast of North America, produced by Joseph Frederick Wallet Desbarres,1774-81. The Nova Scotia Archives holds Admiral Lord Nelson's personal set, but the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, England, has produced their own magnificent digitized online product for you to explore.