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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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94Nova Scotia Archives.

     At a Council held at the Honourable L.t Governour John Doucett's house in his Majestys Garrison of Annapolis Royall on Tewsday the 6thof April 1725

Major Paul Mascarene
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Esq

The Deputys Examined by Majr. Mascarene

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     Major Paul Mascarene Acquainted the Board that the Honourable L.t Governor being out of Order and not able to Attend the Board, that he was therefore Directed by him to Informe the Board that the Deputees, Charles La.ndry Excepted, being Come according to his Orders, concerning the behaviour of Some of their Young men and Insolence of Some Others of the Inhabitants Since the time that the Indians were here, And that he was Directed to Aske them Some questions about [126] about the Same

     Whereupon the Deputees being Called, ye Major Accordingly asked them from Whence such Rude Actions of their Youth and other of the Inhabitants Since the Indians were here Last year proceeded, and Said y.t by Sev.l particular Marks of Misbehaviour amongst them, it Seamed there was Something a hatching as if they depended upon the Indians Returne, and as if they designed by Such practices to Occasion some pretence for a Revolt, thereby thinking to Anoy this His Majestys Government and so to force their way out of the Country

     Upon which Major Mascarene also told them that he Was Order'd by the Honourable L.t Governor to Acquaint them they Needed not by Such pretenses to promote a Warr, Seeing those who have aimed to go may only Apply them selves to the Governour and have Liberty to Depart this Province as Soon as they pleas'd

     That the Governor had in all Matters that were for the Interest of the Country or tended to the Disturbance of the peace of it call'd upon the Deputees in order to promote Some Good & to Stop any Increasing Evil; he in this also charged them (According to a former promise of theirs in


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