Government of Nova Scotia Government of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia Archives ~

Acadian Heartland

The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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This resource presents digitized and fully searchable online versions of the earliest surviving records of British government in Nova Scotia:


Nova Scotia Archives II     Nova Scotia Archives III     Nova Scotia Archives IV    

Nova Scotia Archives. II.
A Calendar of Two Letter-Books and One Commission-Book in the
Possession of the Government of Nova Scotia
, 1713-1741

Index II

Nova Scotia Archives. III.
Original Minutes of His Majesty's Council at Annapolis Royal, 1720-1739

Original Indexes

Index III

Nova Scotia Archives. IV.
Minutes of His Majesty's Council at Annapolis Royal, 1736-1749

Index IV

Nova Scotia Ce projet fut rendu possible en partie grâce au financement reçu de Patrimoine canadien sous l'Entente-cadre Canada - Nouvelle-Écosse sur la promotion des langues officielles conjointement administrée avec l'Office des affaires acadiennes.

Canadian Heritage This project was made possible in part by financing received from Canadian Heritage under the Canada - Nova Scotia General Agreement on the Promotion of Official Languages, jointly managed with the Office of Acadian Affairs.