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Halifax Explosion 1917 - W.G. MacLaughlan

View thirteen minutes of black-and-white moving images attributed to professional cameraman W.G. MacLaughlan. The film is an early news documentary from the silent-screen era, capturing in eerie silence the waste and devastation of a city destroyed, and the efforts that went into rebuilding it. Newly re-mastered in digital format and running in close to 'real time', these film clips provide the clearest views and the closest details ever seen of the terrible days immediately following 6 December 1917.

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Actual footage of the 1917 Explosion in Halifax, showing devastation and the relief effort, beginning with activities the day after the Explosion and following the reconstruction in the north end of Halifax, including the Hydrostone housing project.

Date: 1917-1920

Format: 1 film reel (00:13:10 hrs.) : silent, b&w

Filmmaker: W.G. MacLaughlan

Reference no: W.G. MacLaughlan NSARM accession no. 1984-36 film no. Fb 16