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Harry Piers: Museum Maker

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4677 — ''Name-boards of one of the Lifeboats of the French munition Steamship ''Mont Blanc'' of Rouen''

Notes from Piers Accession Book:

Scientific Name: Wooden (mahogany, painted dark gray) Name-boards of one of the Lifeboats of the French munition Steamship "Mont Blanc" of Rouen, which exploded at Pier 6, Richmond, Halifax, N.S., at 9:06 a.m. of 6th December, 1917, after collision with Belgian Relief Steamship "Imo," and destroyed much of the town and very many lives.

Locality and When Collected:  Found on shore of Halifax Harbour, in dock at foot of Morris Street, Halifax, N.S., 26 December 2917.

Collector (c) Donor (d):  Thomas Baldwin (c.d.) 88 Sackville St., Halifax

Received:  1918 Dec 4

Quantity:  2

Remarks:  The nameboards were taken from remains of the lifeboat which had drifted ashore at the place named.
One of the name-boards has the name M BLANC cut in it; size of board 12.90 ins by 2.35 ins. 
The other board has the name of port of registry ROUEN cut in it; size of board 12.75 ins by 2.30 ins.

Date Accessioned: 4 December 1918

Reference no.: Harry Piers accession number 4677  Nova Scotia Museum Marine History Collection, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic