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County Map of Nova Scotia

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Beginning with Halifax County and moving clockwise
around Nova Scotia:

CountyShire TownCreatedCreated From
HalifaxHalifax1759one of five original counties
LunenburgBridgewater1759one of five original counties
AnnapolisAnnapolis Royal1759one of five original counties
Kings2Kentville1759one of five original counties
Cumberland4Amherst1759one of five original counties
Antigonish1863 Halifax
Inverness7Port Hood1835Cape Breton
VictoriaBaddeck1851Cape Breton
Cape Breton8Sydney1765all of Cape Breton Island
RichmondArichat1835Cape Breton

1 Originally included Townships of Liverpool, Barrington, Yarmouth and their environs.

2 After 1785, included Parrsborough Township and environs along the north shore of Minas Basin. In 1840 the township was divided; the western portion (Parrsboro, Advocate, etc.) went to Cumberland County and the eastern (Five Islands, Economy, etc.) to Colchester.

3 Administered as the District of Colchester (within Halifax County), 1780-1835; prior to 1780, was referred to as Cobequid District.

4 In 1759, included all lands in the province of Nova Scotia north of Kings County, i.e. extended beyond the Isthmus of Chignecto, into modern-day New Brunswick; Sunbury County was created in 1765 to better administer land north of the Isthmus; and in 1784 all of New Brunswick was set off as a separate province.

5 Set off from the District of Colchester, 1792, and administered as the District of Pictou (within Halifax County) until 1835.

6 Sydney County was created in 1784 to administer the eastern mainland of Nova Scotia (now Antigonish and Guysborough Counties). During the years 1824-36, Sydney County was divided into defined upper and lower districts; the Lower District of Sydney became Guysborough County in 1836; the Upper District reverted to the original name (Sydney County), which was changed to Antigonish County in 1863.

7 Created as the County of Juste-au-Corps in 1835; name was changed to Inverness, 1837.

8 Cape Breton Island was annexed to mainland Nova Scotia in 1763. The entire island was set apart as a separate county in 1765; existed as a separate province, 1784-1820; and was then re-annexed to Nova Scotia proper.

9 Originally included within Sydney County; administered 1824-36 as the Lower District of Sydney County.

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