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Since Champlain first arrived in 1604, Nova Scotia has welcomed people from all over the world. As a result, Nova Scotia genealogy is deep and diverse. As well as our native Mi'kmaq ancestry, Nova Scotia's founding cultures include Acadian, English, German, African Nova Scotian, Scottish, Irish, and yes, even Americans. Twenty-five million people in North America can trace their families back to Nova Scotia during the past 400 years. Are you one of them?

Research Your Roots To find out if your roots started growing in Nova Scotia, click the 'Research Your Roots' button. This will re-direct your search to the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics website

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The Nova Scotia Archives has many other resources available on this Website to help you begin tracing your family's history in this province. Take a look at our suggested online databases and resources to start exploring!

Curious about your family's history in Nova Scotia? Ever wanted to visit the places where they lived, walk the streets that they walked, and find out more about them? Start planning your next... or maybe your first... Nova Scotia vacation by exploring NS Tourism's newest online product, Routes to Your Roots @ A unique new approach to family history, this interactive trip-planning tool will guide you right to the part of the province where your ancestors lived, and will help you build an unusual and rewarding vacation that you won't soon forget.

What we're able to offer online is only a small portion of the research materials available if you come to visit us in person. We hope you'll make plans to do exactly that! Really get to know your Nova Scotia genealogy — visit Nova Scotia and come to the Nova Scotia Archives to complete the family-history experience. It's never too late to learn more about your past... and yourself!

Please also try the click-through web service, linking researchers on directly to the digitized birth, marriage and death records available on Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics @