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Farm Registration Regulations

made under subsection 12(1) of the

Farm Registration Act

S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 3

O.I.C. 95-628 (August 22, 1995), N.S. Reg. 138/95

as amended up to O.I.C. 2014-48 (February 18, 2014, N.S. Reg. 27/2014


1     (1)    For the purpose of these regulations


                (a)    “gross farm income” means the gross income from the farm business shown on the last income tax return filed with Revenue Canada;


                (b)    “registration year” means the period from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.


       (2)    A farm business or farm operation that reports agricultural income or expenses to Revenue Canada may register by submitting all of the following to the Registrar of Farms not later than March 31 annually:


                (a)    a completed farm business registration form, as prescribed by the Registrar, that includes any information the Registrar requires for the purposes of the Act, including at least the following information for the farm:


                         (i)     full name of each owner,


                         (ii)    contact information for the farm, including name, civic and mailing address, social insurance number (for sole proprietorship),


                         (iii)   gross farm income,


                         (iv)   gross income percentage by commodity,


                         (v)    production units,


                         (vi)   whether or not the registrant wants to become a member of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture;


                (b)    the applicable fee in subsection (3).


       (3)    Annual fees for registration are determined by the size of the farm business and are as follows:

Gross Farm Receipts

Annual Fee

under $10,000


$10,000 to $24,999


$25,000 to $49,999


$50,000 to $99,999


$100,000 to $249,999


$250,000 to $499,999


$500,000 to $999,999


$1,000,000 to $1,999,999


$2,000,000 or more


Subsection 1(2)-(3) replaced: O.I.C. 2014-48, N.S. Reg. 27/2014.

Subsection 1(4) repealed: O.I.C. 2007-13, N.S. Reg. 10/2007.

Nova Scotia

Department of
For Office Use
Farm Registration #:______

Information on this form is collected under the authority of the Farm Registration Act and may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It will be used by the Department of Agriculture for administration under the Act; to develop policies and programs; and to distribute material to farm businesses and their owners. Information may be released to other departments of government for purposes of program administration and verification of eligibility for program benefits including the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Provincial Tax Commission.

Section 1 - Farm Identification

Sole Proprietorship ______________________
Name ____________________________________________________________Social insurance number
Address __________________________________________________________
County _________________ Postal code _________ Telephone ______________
Farm name (if applicable) _____________________________________________

Partnership ______________________
Partnership name ____________________________________________________ Partnership filer ID #
Address __________________________________________________________
County _________________ Postal code _________ Telephone ______________
List partners _______________________________________________________
Last name / First name / Middle initial
Last name / First name /Middle initial

Corporations _______________________
Company name ____________________________________________________ Corporation account #
Address __________________________________________________________
County _________________ Postal code _________ Telephone ______________
List shareholders __________________________________________________
Last name / First name / Middle initial
Last name / First name /Middle initial

Section 2 - Farm income

Gross Farm Income [$]: Please check appropriate level
[ ] Under 5,000[ ] 25,000 - 74,999[ ] 250,000 - 499,999
[ ] 5,000 - 9,999[ ] 75,000 - 149,999[ ] 500,000 - 999,999
[ ] 10,000 - 24,999[ ] 150,000 - 249,999[ ] 1,000,000 plus

Section 3 - Hired labour

Hired labour (including paid family members)
EmployeesA. NoneB. 1 to 5C. 6 to 10D. 11 to 25E. over 25
Full time (year round)[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Full time (seasonal)[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Part time[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Section 4 - Income by commodity

Gross income percentage by commodity: Indicate approx. % where applicable (eg. Beef 75%, Hogs 25%)
_____ Dairy_____ Sheep/lambs _____ Maple
_____ Beef_____ Mink_____ Honey, bees, pollination
_____ Hogs_____ Fox_____ Greenhouse crops
_____ Eggs_____ Apples_____ Forages
_____ Chicken_____ Blueberries_____ Grains
_____ Turkey_____ Strawberries_____ Custom work
_____ Vegetable crops_____ Other

Section 5 - Production units

Farm land hectares and livestock numbers: (Please indicate numbers on applicable lines.)
Farmland hectares (in production)Livestock numbers
___ Forage___ Strawberries___ Dairy cows___ Feeder lambs
___ Pasture___ Vegetables___ Beef cows___ Egg layers
___ Grains___ Maple___ Beef feeders___ Poultry
___ Protein crops___ Greenhouses___ Sows___ Mink
___ Apples___ Other___ Feeder hogs___ Foxes
___ Blueberries___ Other___ Ewes___ Other

Section 6 - Declaration

I declare that the information is complete and accurate and that I have enclosed the fee made payable to Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, in the amount of __________, as prescribed under the governing legislation and regulations of the Farm Registration Act.
Farm business or proprietor's name (please print)
Name of authorized person (please print)
Authorized signature
Corporate titleDate

Section 7 - Declaration

I declare that I wish to become a member of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and authorize the Registrar to provide information contained in Section 1 of this form and the Farm Business ID number to the Federation.
Farm business or proprietor's name (please print)
Name of authorized person (please print)
Authorized signature
Corporate titleDate

Completed application forms returned to The Registrar
Farm Business Registration Program
P.O. Box 550, Truro, Nova Scotia
B2N 5E3
[Note: references in Form 1 to the Department of Agriculture and Marketing have been updated in accordance with Order in Council 2006-121 under the Public Service Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 376, effective February 24, 2006.]

Form 2 repealed: O.I.C. 2007-13, N.S. Reg. 10/2007.