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Operators of Crematoria Regulations

made pursuant to the
Cemetery and Funeral Services Act
Section 28, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 62
O.I.C. 84-1118 (September 18, 1984), N.S. Reg. 243/84

Effective September 1, 2016, these regulations are repealed by N.S. Reg. 116/2016.

Operators of crematoria shall keep the following records with regard to each cremation performed:

1 burial permit;

2 authorization to cremate; and

3 a cremation record sheet, as provided by the Registrar, which includes the following information:

(i) date of death,

(ii) date of cremation,

(iii) name of deceased,

(iv) name and address of next of kin or legally authorized person and his relationship to the deceased,

(v) description of container used in cremation,

(vi) name and address of funeral home preparing remains and providing related services,

(vii) name of funeral director performing cremation, and

(viii) a statement of whether or not the remains were embalmed.