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GeoNOVA Portal Help

The focus of the GeoNOVA Portal is to provide Nova Scotians access to geographic data, services, and applications. These help pages will attempt to assist you as you use the portal.

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Site Navigation

The GeoNOVA Portal is designed to allow different types of users quick access to the data, services, and applications that apply to them. Therefore, separate user categories have been defined: Citizen, Business, Government/Municipal, Government/Provincial, Government/Federal, and Research and Education. Users will find link for these categories in the 1st tier navigation bar. When you click on a 1st tier navigation option, it becomes highlighted.

A second level of navigation is available that allows types of users (for example a citizen or a business user) to select additional material. Typically, an Introduction page and an Applications page are available.

The third level of navigation is displayed to the user when they are at the second navigation tier in the banner. The third level appears on the left-hand side, and links the user directly to data, services, and /or applications.

As your browse throughout the GeoNOVA Portal, you will find consistency in the way the site is delivered. For example, most of the pages have the Metadata Search and the Featured Applications components. These sections are persistent throughout the Portal, because they serve as launch points for the most popular elements in the site. As you navigate the site, you will notice that GeoNOVA services and applications will have one of two possible icons beside them:

External Link This icon means that the application you are about to launch will open in an external window.

Requires Username/Password A username and password is required to get into the site.

All applications in the GeoNOVA Portal have a description page. This includes a brief background on the application, where to get more information, and who to contact if you need a username and password.

About GeoNOVA

For additional information on the GeoNOVA Program, please browse the About GeoNOVA section.

GeoNOVA Portal Search Tools

There are two separate tools that can be used for searching in the GeoNOVA Portal. Each tool has its clear purpose.

The metadata search tool allows users to search specifically for geographic data. This tool uses a metadata repository that is maintained by GeoConnections. The results to keyword searches have detailed information about data products including contact information for acquisition. The Advanced Search button gives options to expand the metadata search to Web Services, Organisations, Services and Resources for all of Canada. For additional information on metadata, visit the metadata help page.

The "Ask Joe Howe" is the standard Government of Nova Scotia search engine. Type in a keyword and browse the results. This search differs from the metadata search in that it searches for any reference to your keyword; not just for geospatial data products.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Contact Us Form.

To contact a member of the GeoNOVA Secretariat directly, please visit our Contact Page for information.

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