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Nova Scotia Economic Indicators
The latest statistical indicators for the Nova Scotia and Canadian economies.
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Alexander Chute

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Currently displaying information released on: January, 2016


Statistics Canada has made their annual revisions to past Labour Force Survey's seasonal adjustment factors, affecting the last three years of seasonally adjusted data. This most recent revision does not have a major effect on the overall indicators. 


The most recent seasonally adjusted information show that in December, Nova Scotia's:

Labour force population (15+) declined 200 from November 2015 to a level of  787,000.

Labour force declined by 2,700 from November 2015 to 488,100. 

Employment (full time + part time) declined 2,500 from November 2015 to a level of 445,900 (previously 445,800)

Full Time Employment declined 5,500 from November 2015 to a level of 368,400 (unchanged from previous estimate)

Part Time Employment increased 2,900 from November 2015 to a level of 77,500 (previously 77,400).

The Unemployment rate was 8.6 per cent (unchanged from previous estimate)



Revisions which cover the past three years show both upward and downward monthly revisions. See the following charts for unrevised and revised estimates for Labour Force, and Employment (full and part time) 


Next month's Labour Force Survey will be released on Friday, February 5th. The DailyStats will include all updated data in the regular analysis.

For more information on the Labour Force Survey revisions, see the Daily.