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July 22, 2014

In Nova Scotia in April 2014, the three month average number of job vacancies was 4,700, down 200 from a year earlier. In Canada, the number of job vacancies in April 2014 was 227,300, down 7,900 from April 2013.

The Job Vacancy Rate (the number of job vacancies or vacant positions on the last business day of the month as a percentage of labour demand) for Nova Scotia in April 2014 was 1.3, level with a year earlier. The lowest job vacancy rate in Canada this month was in Quebec, at 1.2. Nationally, the job vacancy rate for April 2014 was 1.5, down from 1.6 a year earlier.

In April 2014, the unemployment to job vacancies ratio for Nova Scotia was 10.1, level with April 2013's figure. Within the Atlantic Region, PEI had the highest Unemployment to Job Vacancies ratio at 13.1. Alberta once again has the lowest Unemployment to Job Vacancies ratio (2.3). In Canada, the unemployment to job vacancies ratio for April 2014 was 6.1, up from 6.0 a year ago.

Source: Statistics Canada's Job Vacancies. CANSIM 284-0001 through 284-0004

July 22, 2014

Nova Scotia's natural gas production edged down in May from 334.8 million cubic metres (mcm) to 328.2 mcm. This was caused by a drop in output from the Deep Panuke field from 233.9 mcm to 197.5 mcm, which was largely offset by rising production from Sable, from 100.9 mcm to 130.7 mcm. In June, Deep Panuke output recovered to 237.0 mcm, its second highest level to date (after January 2014) while Sable output continued to rise to 163.6 mcm, its highest output since April 2012.
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July 22, 2014

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.3% in June 2014 on a seasonally adjusted basis. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 2.1% before seasonal adjustment. The energy index rose 1.6% (mainly due to a large increase in gasoline prices) over the past month, and the food index rose 0.1 percent month to month. The All items less food and energy index increased 0.1% from May 2014, and increased 1.9% over the last 12 months.
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July 21, 2014

The Community Counts Map Centre allows users from across Nova Scotia to create custom maps about their communities. It includes mapping tools that will give you thousands of options for mapping data of interest to your community: thematic mapping (i.e. population characteristics) and asset mapping (i.e. services and resources). The asset mapping feature of Community Counts allows users to pinpoint the location of public and community assets such as schools and museums. The location of these assets can be visualized relative to the population characteristics of our communities. Putting both population characteristics and assets together on a map is a great tool for assets planning and future development. To view the map center, click here.
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July 18, 2014

NOVA SCOTIA In Nova Scotia June 2014, the consumer price index (2002=100) decreased 0.2% from May 2014 to 129.2 and increased 2.2% over June 2013. The CPI, excluding food and energy, decreased 0.5% from May 2014 to 118.3, and increased 1.5% over June 2013. CANADA In Canada June 2014, the consumer price index (2002=100) increased 0.1% from May 2014 to 125.9 and increased 2.4% over June 2013.
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Statistics at a Glance(Mouse over items for details)
Building Permits -23.7%
Consumer Price Index +1.8%
CPI (Annual) +1.2%
Debt: GDP 34.8%
Deficit/Surplus: GDP D: 0.5%
Employment Growth 0.0%
Employment Level 447.0
Exports (Domestic) -13.7%
GDP (millions, 2012) 38397
GDP Growth (2012) -0.1%
Income (per capita) $33,934
Manufacturing Shipments 5.3%
Non-res. Investment -6.2%
Population July 1, 2013 940,789
Res. Investment -17.6%
Retail sales -0.3%
Unemployment Rate 8.7%
Wholesale Trade +4.8%

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