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Nova Scotia Budget News Conference 2014

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Financial Measures (2014) Act Introduced
Finance and Treasury Board Minister Diana Whalen introduced the Financial Measures (2014) Act today, April 23, which puts into law tax changes from the 2014-15 Budget.

Amendments Improve Investment Protection
Nova Scotia is continuing to improve investor protection and will be working more with other provinces through amendments to the Securities Act introduced today, April 22.

Amendments Benefit U-vint Industry
Nova Scotians who contributed to u-vint and u-brew consultations will see their feedback incorporated into new legislation and future regulations that support this growing industry.

Public Accounts 2012-13

Capital Plan 2014-15


Community Counts

April 22, 2013 - Community Counts is pleased to announce the following releases:

  • The Map Centre has been updated with Income and Dwellings data from the National Household Survey.
  • The Annual Demographic Estimates table has been updated with the most recent 2013 estimates data.
  • The third release from the 2011 National Household Survey is now available on Community Counts!  This release contains data relating to Income and Dwellings.  This data can be found within the Income and Households subject areas as well as the By Topic section.  We will be populating the Map Centre, Community Profiles, and the Policy Views with this data in the very near future.