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Finance and Treasury Board Minister Randy Delorey hosted the first interactive Budget Talks session at St. FX University on February 1, 2016.

News Releases

2016-17 Budget Consultations Begin
Starting immediately, Nova Scotians can share their thoughts and help shape the 2016-17 budget and future budgets.

Province Releases 2016-17 Capital Plan
Government will invest $480.8 million in roads, schools, health care and public infrastructure through the 2016-17 Capital Plan, which includes funds set aside to participate in the anticipated federal government infrastructure program.

Public Services Sustainability Act, Op-ed
NOTE: The following is an op-ed from Finance and Treasury Board Minister Randy Delorey. Earlier this week, I introduced Bill 148 -- An Act Respecting the Sustainability of Public Services, the Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act. I did this after significant thought and consideration. I knew some would question our timing; others would question our intent; and others would even question the necessity for the legislation.

Budget Talks 2016-2017

2015-2016 Nova Scotia Budget
Capital Plan 2015-16