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Budget Forecast Update

The budget forecast provides updates on the province's projected revenues and expenses, as factors change throughout the year. The Budget Forecast Update is published at least twice a year, on an intermittent basis, in hardcopy and PDF format.

2016-17September 2016 (pdf) December 2016 (pdf)


Previous Updates

2015-16September 2015 (pdf)December 2015 (pdf)
2014-15September 2014 (pdf)December 2014 (pdf)
2013-14August 2013 (pdf)

December 2013 (pdf)


September 2012 (pdf)

December 2012 (pdf)


September 2011 (pdf)

December 2011 (pdf)
March 2012 (pdf)

September 2010 (pdf)
December 2010 (pdf)
2009-10August 2009 *

December 2009 (pdf)
Capital Fact Sheet (pdf)

August 2008 (pdf)
December 2008 (pdf)
August 2007 (pdf)
December 2007 (pdf)
September 2006 (pdf)
December 2006 (pdf)
2005-06August 2005 (pdf)
December 2005 (pdf)

* Nova Scotia's 2009-10 budget was presented in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. Because of this, there was no August 2009 Forecast Update.

Budget Forecast Update
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