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Nova Scotia Community Counts provides a common platform for social, economic, environmental and cultural data from many sources that illustrate the unique nature of each community. It provides easily accessible and understandable information products at 16 levels of geography. The Map Centre offers over 40,000 maps that are dynamically generated based on user requirements. Community Counts also offers comparisons of community information at the local, regional, provincial, and national levels to present a more complete picture of Nova Scotia’s communities. To download our brochure, click here. For an overview of Community Counts, click here.

Recent Updates
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  • Health Profiles

    Community Counts has been building health profiles over the past 5 years in collaboration with District Health Authorities, Community Health Boards, and the Department of Health and Wellness. Community Counts Health Profiles were released in 2012 and have recently been updated with new data. (See Health Policy View)

    Three DHAs in western Nova Scotia (Annapolis Valley, South West, South Shore) have developed their own Community Health Profiles, using much of the data from Community Counts and adding local information in areas reflecting local needs and priorities.  Their vision for these community health profiles is that they “tell a story that is rooted in our communities and will stimulate new conversations both within the health care system and the broader community around current and emerging population health issues.”

    You can find the Community Health Profiles here:

    Understanding Our Health: Community Health Profile 2013 (South Shore Health)

    Understanding Our Health: Community Health Profile 2013 (South West Health)

    Understanding Our Health: Community Health Profile 2013 (Annapolis Valley Health)

    We are working together with the DHAs to deliver training to staff, volunteers and community partners on how to use these profiles for community health planning and building healthy communities.

Upcoming Training

Community Counts Training in your Community

  • Nova Scotia Community Counts offers free training on how to use the website with all of its features – tables, charts, maps, community profiles and policy views.
    • Learn to Use Community Counts (3 hrs)
    • What’s New on Community Counts – National Household Survey (1½ hrs)
    If you would like to arrange for training in your community, we’d love to hear from you. This is what we ask you to do. Find a place that has computers with Internet access for people to use or WiFi that would enable people to bring their own laptops or tablets. Promote the session through your networks. We provide promotional materials that you can use, registration, and training kits for all participants.

    If you are interested in bringing our training to your community, get in touch with Malcolm Shookner, Chief Statistician, Community Counts,

Upcoming Training in Halifax

  • November 19 - (at World Trade and Convention Centre, Argyle St.)
    • Learn to Use Community Counts: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • What's New on Community Counts: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Upcoming Training Outside of Halifax

  • November 26 - (at Four Fathers Memorial Library, 21 Acadia St., Amherst NS)
    • Learn to Use Community Counts: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

To register or request a training session, email us at