Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

Targeted Initiatives for Older Workers

Age Advantage Plus is funded through Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, a joint initiative of the Government of Canada and the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education, developed to aid unemployed older workers in communities affected by significant workforce downsizing or workplace closures through programming aimed at reintegrating them into employment.

Age Advantage Plus targets individuals ages 55-64. Its primary objective is to prepare older workers for new and immediate employment in their communities. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education works in partnership with community-based organizations to deliver Age Advantage Plus programs.

Every TIOW project requires a project sponsor. Project sponsors are organizations responsible for planning, designing, and implementing an Age Advantage Plus project, developing a project model that responds to the needs of older workers and the community.


The application process for the TIOW program is closed for 2016-2017. Employment Nova Scotia will not be accepting any additional proposals at this time.


Click here to access resources required to develop and submit your application:


Projects must take place in a vulnerable community with a population of 250,000 or less.

A vulnerable community is defined as a community:

  • With ongoing high unemployment or;
  • In which 20% of the labour force is dependent of a single employer or a single industry and the employer or industry has experienced significant downsizing or a closure or;
  • Where employers are unable to fulfill their demand for workers or;
  • Where the skills of workers do not match those required by the employer or industry

In order to be eligible to participate, older workers must:

  • be between 55-64 years of age*
  • be unemployed
  • be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • lack marketable skills, or skills needed for successful integration into new employment

* In exceptional circumstances, workers aged 50-54 and over the age of 64 may participate, but priority will be given to those aged 55-64.

Although not targeted, older workers in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits may participate in a project.

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