Employment Assistance Services

Employment Assistance Services is an employment program of Employment Nova Scotia that provides funding to organizations to assist unemployed individuals to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

The EAS Program is being retired from the current suite of Employment Nova Scotia programs and services. Beginning on April 5th 2013 the online application option for EAS will no longer be available.

Two new programs Careers Nova Scotia Management (CNSCM) and Careers Nova Scotia Centre Service (CNSCS) programs have been launched to replace EAS and information is available on the website.

Program Information

Employment Assistance Services provides funding to community organizations that provide employment services to unemployed persons. These services may include: provision and sharing of labour market information, employment needs assessment, career planning, employment counselling, diagnostic assessment, job search skills, job finding clubs, job placement services, development of a Return to Work Action Plan, case management and follow-up of a participant in an employment program.

Employment Assistance Services provide employment services for unemployed persons who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and are legally entitled to work in Canada.

Who delivers Employment Assistance Services?

Employment Nova Scotia provides funding to community organizations that provide employment services to unemployed persons.

Eligibility Information

Am I eligible for participation in Employment Assistance Services?
  • Employment Assistance Services are available to all unemployed persons who are entitled to work in Canada and are willing and able to actively participate in the labour market.
  • Other criteria may apply.


  • Businesses, organizations, municipalities, band/tribal councils, public health and educational institutions.
  • Funding is provided for eligible expenses to enable organizations to offer employment assistance services to unemployed persons legally entitled to work in Canada.

Application Information

How do I apply?

Individuals should refer to the following list of Employment Assistance Service providers or contact 1-877-223-0888 for information on where they can receive employment assistance from an Employment Assistance Services (EAS) Provider in their community.

  • Sponsors/coordinators seeking funding under Employment Assistance Services will be able to apply online using the LaMPSS system.  To register for the LaMPSS system, please call  1-877-223-0888 to obtain a registration package
  • For details on the application process and program eligibility/information please download the Program Guidelines.


LaMPSS EAS Resources Website



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