Message from Pat Sullivan, CEO of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency
Dear Partners,

I hope by now you will have heard the good news – the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency has now officially been established. The announcement was made on September 6 by Minister Percy Paris.

I've now been on board as CEO for a few months, and had a chance to get out and meet with many of you. As you know, industry and government are working in collaboration on this new venture to continue to build a more prosperous future for Nova Scotia tourism, and our partnership will be one of our greatest assets.

With input from you, we are making great progress towards the development of the long-term strategy. Through the NSTA, we will be more flexible and able to respond to profitable opportunities as they arise to create economic benefit for all Nova Scotians. With this strategic approach, we will become more competitive with traditional, new and emerging destinations, and build a reputation as a leader in the tourism industry.

This is a new beginning for tourism in Nova Scotia, and I look forward to working with you to lead the industry to greater profitability, innovation and competitiveness on the world stage.


Pat Sullivan

Province announces establishment of the NSTA

The province has announced the formal creation of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, a collaboration between industry and government that will build a more innovative and globally competitive approach to tourism.

Minister of Economic and Rural Development, Percy Paris made the announcement in Windsor on Sept. 6.

The interim board of the agency, which has been in place since last September, has now completed its mandate to set a permanent charter, recruit a CEO, and develop a new long-term strategy.

The permanent charter of the NSTA establishes the special operating agency, and outlines the functions and staffing requirements of the new agency. Some functions of the former Tourism division, including marketing, sales, partnerships, and development, will go to the new agency, while functions such as quality assurance and visitor information centres, will remain with the department. The NSTA will manage and operate within the budget of the former Tourism Division.

The province has held a number of sessions across the province in the past few months, seeking broad input from industry and the public into the long-term strategy. The strategy is expected to be presented at the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia’s annual conference in November.

The strategy will be based on the five priorities outlined in the strategic framework:

  • We need to do business differently to protect and build visitation. The first step is to engage every Nova Scotian and Shift the Mindset to Own the Visitor Economy.
  • Understanding the market, and armed with the right products and experiences, the next step is to develop the right messaging – Marketing for Awareness and Inspiration. July 2012
  • Market Research and Intelligence is the foundation of the strategic plan – only in having the right information can the best decisions be made.
  • With evidence developed from Market Research and Intelligence, we can determine the direction for appropriate Product and Experience Development.
  • Knowing our market, having the right products and experiences, and investing in marketing to draw more visitors creates the need to invest in the right Access To and Within the Province to bring people to Nova Scotia.

The province will establish the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency in Windsor, fulfilling Government’s commitment to move good jobs outside metro and support families and businesses in rural communities.

Thirty-four head office positions will be located in Windsor by the end of September, 2013. The remaining 125 positions will remain with the department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.

The inaugural board is now in place.


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