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GE to Share Know-How With Nova Scotia Businesses
Want to develop new technologies and innovations by working with GE? The Government of Nova Scotia is hosting a unique event November 6th to show you how.

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Nova Scotia Businesses Look for Export Opportunities
Dozens of Nova Scotia businesses are looking for opportunities to sell their goods and services in new markets with support from government's Global Business Accelerator Program.

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Explore Nova Scotia
Our world-class attractions, spectacular scenery and unmatched hospitality make tourism an important economic sector that helps build stronger communities.

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Taking a New Approach to Economic Development
Government is changing how its economic development department and agencies do business, positioning the private sector to lead economic growth.

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Dalhousie Engineers Help Nova Scotia Businesses Innovate
Government is helping Dalhousie engineers like Emerson Hawkins (left) help find innovative solutions for Nova Scotia's small- and medium-sized businesses.

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